Fire Yourself! Reignite your career and live your life with intention


Reignite Your Career and Live Your Life with Intention

You have the power to achieve the personal life, work life, and retirement life you desire and deserve. Enjoying your life and career begins with you taking control. What do you really want? How are you working toward your goals today? Are you being supported or challenged in the right ways? FIRE YOURSELF! provides guidance to help you succeed in life with a career driven by purpose, passion, and choice.


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  • Chapter 1: Fire Yourself!

  • Chapter 2: Why Fire Yourself?

  • Chapter 3: New Mindsets

  • Chapter 4: Who Am I Now?

  • Chapter 5: Where Do I Want to Go?

  • Chapter 6: Bridging the Gap

  • Chapter 7: Getting There from Here

  • Chapter 8: Aligning Your Resources

  • Chapter 9: Retirement

  • Chapter 10: Conclusion

About the authors

John Rusciano joined Northwestern Mutual after more than a decade as an executive in telecommunications and real estate investment. As a Wealth Management Advisor, he helps clients align their resources and career strategies with their highest-held values, driving thoughtful and intentional financial planning decisions. John is a volunteer to the Minnesota Fire Service Foundation, is an NOAA Skywarn volunteer and Extra Class Amateur Radio operator. John lives in Minnetonka, Minnesota, with his wife, COO, and business partner, Koren, and has three grown children, Jessica, Julia, and Mark. Contact John.

Lisa Brezonik has more than 20 years of experience in leading and coaching individuals maneuvering change and growth. After holding HR leadership roles at several national and international companies, she founded an executive coaching and organizational consulting firm that created solutions for both individual and organizational growth. Lisa is currently Chief Talent Officer at Salo, LLC, a consulting firm that offers solutions for finance, accounting, and HR. Lisa serves on the board of the Ann Bancroft Foundation. She lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with her husband, Nick, and her children Sarah, Joe, Billy and Niko. Contact Lisa.

Reader reviews

I wish I had read this book at the beginning of my career—such important principles to ensure one can stay relevant in the marketplace and fulfill their need for meaningful work that harnesses their strengths and passions.
— Heather Teskey, Chief Marketing Officer, Hallmark Business Connections
To be fired is not a matter of if, but when. Given this, to fire yourself with a plan of readiness is a much better position to be in than to be fired with no preparation. John and Lisa are spot on in their coaching and provide actionable guidance in a concise manner that if followed will make a material difference in the enjoyment of your career and retirement.
— Annie Neubrech, COO, North American General Business Sales, SAP
I found the stories and exercises to be engaging and pertinent. The advice is pragmatic, which is helpful because I think everyone should go back to the book at least every year or so to do a reality check on personal relevance, perception and adherence to your aspirations and goals.
— Paige A. Whittman, Vice President of Sales Operations, Andersen Corporation